Turf Equipment


Whether you are purchasing your first power rake, or if you are upgrading your aerator to have more power…

We can help find the right one for you!

There are many options of turf equipment and Alberta Forest and Garden have the most experienced staff in helping our customers chose equipment based on their individual needs. The brand and models vary, be it a RYAN, BLUEBIRD, or HUSQVARNA turf machines, or the ease of use with a variety of attachments with the tow-behinds of AGRI-FAB for your acreage needs.

AERATORS are very important in having a beautiful lawn. It is therefore necessary to have the significant tool. Whether you are using a commercial aerator like the Ryan, or an acreage tow-able style like the AGRI-FAB SMARTLINK, they are great for performance and durability. With commercial drum-style, self propelled features and EST (Easy Steer Technology )… we have a great selection of most walk-behind aerators brands.

POWER RAKES can operate as a dethatcher (with or without rear catcher bag), or seeder. You can also change reels quickly and easily, from commercial flail tines to dethatching tines. Equipped with either Honda or Briggs and Stratton engine,. these units make dethatching your lawn simple and efficient.

SPREADERS are designed to broadcast your fertilizer for your greener lawn, or salt for the winter ice. They work to cover a certain circumference by using a specially designed spinner for an even spread. All our name brand spreaders like the new ECHO walk behind spreader are made to get the job done quickly and evenly.

Alberta Forest and Garden carries a number of Agri-FAB Smartlink accessories in store such as:

  • Dethatcher
  • Rollers
  • Aerators
  • Cultivator

Because we care about your safety we carry a number of safety equipment and protective gear such as:

  • Gloves – technical, functional and extreme heavy duty gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Lubricants and Aspen Fuels

Call us today, or come visit us in-store for more information.