Whether you are purchasing your first gas or battery trimmer, or if you are upgrading to a brushcutter with more power and blade attachments for clearing large grasslands or properties …

We can help find the right one for you!

There are many options of accessories for trimmers and Alberta Forest and Garden have the most experienced staff in helping our customers chose based on their individual needs. The brand and models vary and whether it be a STIHL, ECHO or HUSQVARNA, machines can be fitted with the proper cutting head for any job from small mowing areas to thinning out overgrown thickets.

BATTERY TRIMMERS are ideal for reduced noise and are environmentally friendly as there is less maintenance and are lightweight. And they only require a battery pack or outlet plug-in for operation.These trimmers are a great option for many, however if power is a requirement we’ll help you find the right Gas Trimmer, with curved or straight shafts available for your individual needs.

BRUSHCUTTERS/TRIMMERS bike handled versions can be equipped with a blade and are ideal for removing rough grass, small bushes, brushwood and even tough weeds, whereas loop handled versions will allow for more versatility, but not all can be outfitted with blades. Some models feature an auto return stop switch, automatically returning your machine to the start position for quick restarts.

CLEARING SAWS are designed to clear vegetation and difficult forestry terrains. Small trees, bushes and brushwood will be cleared easily with the right saw. Because cutting brush can be very labour-intensive, we often recommend a clearing saw harness to improve your safety and reduce strain on your body. Husqvarna is one brand that has designed an ergonomic harness that maximizes balance and makes the machine feel lighter. There is a number of choices with clearing saws including basic versions and comfort models that allow you start your machine with ease.

Alberta Forest and Garden carries a number of trimmer accessories in store such as:

  • Trimmer lines
  • Grass blades and Saw blades
  • Trimmer heads
  • Batteries and chargers
  • Lubricants and fuel

Because we care about your safety we carry a number of safety equipment and protective gear such as:

  • Gloves – technical, functional and extreme heavy duty gloves
  • Workwear – harnesses, braces and clips
  • Eye protections
  • Hearing protection
  • Trimmer and brushcutter Guards