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Calgary snowblowers, leafblowers

Calgary Snowblowers and Leafblower Dealers

If you are purchasing your first backpack Blower, or handheld Blower, or if you are upgrading to one with more power for the clearing job at hand… 

 We can help find the right blower for you! 

Whether it be a HUSQVARNA, STIHL or ECHO bbrands, their gas-powered, backpack blowers can handle the majority of our Alberta light poweder snowfalls! And the handheld gas or battery powered blowers can make quick work of those fall leaves too! Blowers are great for spring and summer as well, as they will effortlessly clear your paths, lawns and flowerbeds after a seasonal storm or high winds, remove grass cuttings with ease, and kick up the leaves in tucked away places.

Certain models of blowers come equipped with low noise mufflers and tubes. Other models of handheld blowers can be switched up in minutes and turn it into a vacuum shredder to make quick work of the leaves and other compacted debris!

HANDHELD blowers allow you to easily and quickly eliminate leaves, small branches, grass clippings and light skiffs of snow too! Easy to operate and to store.

BACKPACK blowers are all made for commercial duty. Some models offer higher CFM pipe power to combat the bigger landscaping jobs and those big dumps of snow! While the smaller to mid-range versions will attack the other landscaping needs from spring to fall.

BATTERY handheld blowers can be environmentally friendly and have little to no maintenance, they will have lighter pipe power compared to the backpacks, and are meant mainly for the consumer’s smaller jobs.

Blowers can also be powerful tools to clean other types of debris such as cobwebs, sand and can be used to clean large machinery such as tractors.

There are a number of accessories for each blower model, some of the most common you may require are:

  • Additional nozzle – straight, straight round or curved flat
  • Vacuum bag – dust reducing
  • Chest strap
  • Hip belt
  • Gutter cleaning kit
  • Vacuum Attachment Kit