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If you are purchasing your first Lawnmower or you are looking for one with more power/durability for the next landscaping job… 

 We can help find the right Lawnmower for you! 

“Pro-sumers” today are looking for ease of use and maneuverability in a lawnmower. With special features like Electric Start and BBC (Blade brake clutch), and the strength of their warranties – you need look no further than a good product such as HUSQVARNA, or TORO.

The new trend to environmentally friendly mowers requires the strength of a good battery and you’ll find this power with STIHL's and HUSQVARNA line up of machines for the home. The commercial landscape user will appreciate the durability of an EXMARK commercial mower.

RESIDENTIAL LAWNMOWERS are available in various options and range in size and power. Gas-powered mowers with great engines like Briggs and Stratton or Honda, and easy drive systems will make quick work of most uneven and larger lawns.

COMMERCIAL LAWNMOWERS are necessary when you have many lawns and rough terrain to manage in a short time frame. Like residential lawnmowers, there are many to choose from including: walk behind mowers, stand-on mowers and basic push mowers; some with decks 30” and more.

SPECIALITY LAWNMOWERS are the future staple of the homeowner. Our battery lines from HUSQVARNA and STIHL's becoming favourites with consumers trying to master the 50’x100’ lot in short time and with little effort. But the biggest introduction to the future is HUSQVARNA's AUTOMOWER – soon to replace the smaller ride on tractor for getting those larger acreage properties, and without the work! It maintains your lawn while you enjoy your summer!

Given the range of options in mowers we have expert staff to help you choose the right one. Call us or come visit in store for more information.