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With a wide range of tank sizes available, the Liqui Maxx™ spray system is fit for use on many types of vehicles — large or small. This purpose built system can handle most standard commercial applications, making it a versatile and valuable tool in your winter maintenance toolbox.

  • Tank Part Number: TSA-300
  • Empty Weight: 320 lb. (145.2 kg)
  • Overall Length (w/pump): 101 in. (256.5 cm)
  • Overall Height: 42 in. (106.7 cm)
  • Overall Width: 54 in. (121.9 cm)
  • Capacity: 300 gal. (1,135.6 L)
  • Tank: LLPDE safety yellow poly
  • Frame: Powder coated steel with 2-way fork pockets
  • Pump Part Number: HFS-100-2, HFD-200EX or HFD-200HYD
  • Gas Motor/Standard Control (HFS-100): Manual Start 5.5 hp Honda®/On-off 3-zone control
  • Gas Motor/Deluxe Control (HFD-200EX): Electric Start 5.5 hp Honda®/Automatic, 3-zone controlled flow (GPS optional)
  • Hydraulic Motor/Deluxe Control (HFD-200HYD): Hydraulic with spool valve
  • Pump Frame: Powder coated steel with fork pockets
  • Pump: 210 gpm Dry-Seal centrifugal circulation pump (794.9 L/min Dry-Seal centrifugal circulation pump)
  • Primary Valves: Electric ball valves
  • Boom Part Number: PBA-300-1
  • Overall Width: 98 in. (248.9 cm)
  • Spray Width (boom only): 8 ft. (0.305 m)
  • Spray Width (w/ wing sprayer): 24 ft. (7.32 m)
  • Nozzles: Center Boom: 3 Triple Solid Stream Nozzles. Boom Ends: 2 Boomless Side Nozzles
  • Mounting: Standard receiver hitch mount
  • Modular Design : The tank, pump and boom assemblies are interchangeable. Users can customize the system according to their needs, and then upgrade individual components later.
  • Deluxe Control: With the deluxe control, the Liqui Maxx can use optional GPS speed sensors to calculate the ideal application rate and then automatically adjust the flow rate as needed. It features 3-zone spray capability.
  • Standard Control: Featuring 3-zone spray capability, the standard control and pump system has toggle switches that turn the spray zones off and on for simple, no hassle operation.
  • Electric Start: For operator convenience and to help conserve fuel, the deluxe model's electric start allows users to start/stop the engine and operate the choke right from the cab.
  • Elliptical Tanks: The elliptical tanks have a low center of gravity for improved vehicle control.
  • Adjustable Nozzles : The boom offers three nozzle sizes on a rotating assembly, and the wing nozzles can be manually adjusted for direction and flow control.
  • Dry-Seal Pumps: Engineered specifically to handle brine in harsh conditions, the dry-seal pumps are properly filtered and feature a low-water shutoff for maximum durability. HONDA® gas-powered and hydraulic motor-driven pumps available.
  • Poly Boom : The 3-zone poly boom offers superior rust resistance against highly corrosive materials.
  • Hydraulic Pump: Hydraulic motor-driven pump includes durable dry seal with low water control valve for run dry protection and spool valve for consistent pressure and flow.
  • Hose Reel Kit: Great for stairs, curbs or sidewalks, adds spot spraying capabilities to the unit. Bolts directly to the sprayer frame and includes spray wand with 100-foot hose.
  • GPS Speed Sensor: The optional GPS speed sensor is used to communicate vehicle speed back to the Deluxe Control. Then, the system automatically adjusts the flow rate as needed, making anti-icing and de-icing application easier than ever.
  • Work Light Kit: Adds work light to the pump platform. Plug and play, leverages existing vehicle harness.
  • Strobe Light Kit: Adds dual strobe lights to the rear of the tank. Plug and play, leverages existing vehicle harness.
  • Accessory Nozzle Kits: Additional nozzle options for meeting target application rates.
  • Blast/Run Hold Remote Switch Box: Remote hand held pendant Blast/Run/Hold
  • Strainer Basket Accessory: Provides filtration for top filling. 300 & 500 Gallon 8" - 11032 750 & 1250 Gallon 16" - 11033
  • Universal Mount Kit: This kit includes ratchet straps, brackets and hardware for mounting a sprayer in a truck bed.
  • Boom Mount Kit : Provides an adjustable 2" drop receiver that mounts to the pump platform, great for large or very tall vehicles or those without an existing 2" receiver.



320 lb. (145.2 kg)
Container Capacity
300 gal. (1,135.6 L)
Spray Range
8 ft. (0.305 m)

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