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Chainsaw Dealers

If you are purchasing your first Chainsaw to cut down the backyard tree, or you are upgrading to one with more power for the forestry job at hand…

We can help find the right chainsaw for you!

From ‘work-horse’ ability, to the occasional user for the woodpile, or an experienced arborist looking for that special top handle saw, HUSQVARNA  , STIHL  , and ECHO   brands have a wide variety of battery, gas-powered and electric saws for you to choose from. If the components are what you are concerned with, there are unique features to each brand…. Easy2Start™ and M-Tronic™ for STIHL  , AUTO-TUNE and X-Torq® for HUSQVARNA  , FasTension™and G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner™ for ECHO 

HUSQVARNA chainsaws are developed to consume less fuel and reduce exhaust emission levels; this is good for both you and our environment. Through Husqvarna’s Low Vib® anti-vibration dampeners and their well-known ergonomic design, you’ll experience less impact on your arms and hands ensuring a more comfortable experience. With advanced choke/stop control there is less risk of flooding and the centrifugal air cleaning system allows you to go longer between cleaning. 

STIHL chainsaws also come in a variety of models for home or commercial use. With the best power to weight ratio, with a majority of their models, in the industry; and the fact that they are the #1 brand in Canada, there is no doubt they will have a model made just for you. Whether it be an electric saw, which produces little noise or a gas chainsaw for occasional use or one for agriculture and landscaping use, Stihl is the industry leader on parts and warranty support. 

ECHO chainsaws are developed with professional-grade components. There are a variety of high quality models to choose from starting with the lightest gas powered chainsaw available in Canada to models with some of the highest power, torque and fuel efficiency offered. All saws have a 2-stroke engine and a Pro-Fire® ignition system that ensure the machine starts quickly and operates smoothly. And all units are backed by the best 5 year consumer and 2 year commercial warranties in the business.


At Alberta Forest and Garden we carry a wide variety of consumer and forestry chainsaw accessories. If you can’t find what you are looking for we can most often find it for you. As the chainsaws experts, we will assist you with finding the exact chainsaw components to ensure your experience is easy. 

While there are unique features of each of the brands accessories just like their saws, we do carry a wide range of the most common components such as: 

·  Chains and Bars 

·  Filing equipment 

·  Batteries and chargers 

·  Carrying Cases 

·  Lubricants and fuels 

·  Protective Safety and Forestry accessories 

·  And more…