Snow Throwers and Blowers


Whether you are purchasing your first Snow thrower, or if you are a Commercial company upgrading your old Plow to get those contracts done!...

We can help find the right one for you! 

There are many options of snow equipment and Alberta Forest and Garden has the most experienced staff in helping our customers choose equipment based on their individual needs. The brand and models vary, be it a TORO, HUSQVARNA, STIHL ECHO or SNOWEX Plows and Spreaders, or the variety of weather conditions in Alberta (think DRY!)

SNOW BLOWERS are very important in Alberta, where the snow is light and fluffy and dry most days. They are a significant alternative tool to clear a path when it does fall. Whether you are using a commercial Backpack like Stihl’s BR600, or clearing a driveway with Husqvarna’s 580BTS, they are great for performance and durability. A few favourites amongst individual home owners is the BG50 – a gas handheld, and the BGA56 from Stihl – a battery operated handheld unit that you can keep in your front closet to blow yourself out in the morning!…  

SNOW THROWERS can come in various stages of heavy duty operation. When the big snowfalls become heavy and deep, a snow thrower like the Husqvarna ST227P (Two Stage – A snowblower the has power assisted wheels which help to clear on slopes and large areas.) …it will plow you out and your neighbour too! Equipped to clear a path up to 30cm of snow in no time!,. For small jobs the Toro’s PowerClear 518ZE (Single Stage – a single stage is equipped with auger blades and directs the snow straight through a discharge chute.), comes with electric start and can throw snow up to 25’… this is the little machine that could!

PLOWS and SPREADERS/Liquid DEICERS are designed for commercial use for companies that have many areas to clear after a snowfall (like parking lots and streets). The SnowEx 8600SW SpeedWing Plow or the 8100PP Power Plow is great for those big clearing jobs.  The SP575X Tailgate Spreader on the back of your truck is the perfect accompaniment for these jobs as well when the temperatures drop and the melt begins to ice up. With their specially designed spinners they give an even spread. Snowex offers many innovative products that are especially designed to meet all the demands – whether it be  a sand/salt hopper application or a more enironmentally-friendly Liquid De-Icer unit, they have you and the bad roads covered! 

Because we care about your needs, we carry a number of parts and product gear such as: 

  • Gloves – Winter warmth and rubber for anti-conductive needs
  • Rubber Paddles and Harness Assemblies – parts that keep you in the ‘clear’!
  • Hearing protection
  • Lubricants such as Specialty Low Temp Hydraulic Fluids, Greases and Aspen Fuels

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